Look No Further

stormy sky

Fear, it is something we all face in out lives.  At times, that fear can overcome us, it can stand up as if it has a life of its own and capture us.  If we focus on fear, we will never find peace.  We all have different things that we struggle with when it comes to fear.  However, no matter what  fear we are staring down,  the answer is still the same.  Seek the Lord.  Psalm 34:4 has long been one of my favorite verses.  In fact, many years ago, I memorized Psalm 34 and to this day, when I am struggling to sleep at night, I recite it to myself.  The words are a great reminder of where our hope is found, where our security lies, and whom we should seek in the dark nights of our soul.  As I was doing a devotion this morning, Psalm 34:4 came up.  As I read it and began to write about it in my journal, I felt God speak these words into my heart:

Your future is not out of my hands.  When you seek me, I hear you and I deliver you from your fears.  Look to me, come to me, remember, I am your loving Father, I am your creator-God, I am the longing of your soul, the deepest desire of your heart.  I am your light in the darkness, your safety in the storm.  It is I who holds you, carries you, and comforts you through the dark night of adversity.  Look no further my child, I am all that you need!

“Look no further”  as I wrote that it really hit me.  How often do I go to God with my troubles and then go a million other places as well to find the solution only to end up back on my knees before God crying out for his help?  Look no further…..God is not only the first place we should run, he is the only place we should run.  He will guide us and direct us through the dark path ahead and will hold our hand every step of the way.  When we turn to Him with our trouble, we truly need to look no further, He is all we need.

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