Hello!   Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog.  My name is Kristen(Kris) Matthews.  I am a single-mom to 3 pretty amazing kids.

Like most of us, I have experienced some dark times in my life, the worst of which led me on a journey to start this blog.  I titled my blog Out Of Darkness,because I believe it is out of those dark times that we learn to shine the brightest, that we grow the most, and that we can see God the clearest. Although none of us would choose dark times,  God promises that He takes even the darkest situations and works them for our good.(Romans 8:28)  So my hope is that in some small way, God can use my simple words and, thoughts He has given me throughout my devotions to bring you encouragement, to let you know you are NOT alone, and to point to the One who can bring you out of darkness.


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  1. KennG says:

    Kris, it is comforting to know that someone will take dark experiences and turn them into a ray of light for others who have the same……someone like yourself. We wish you all the blessings and hope your endeavor brings. We hope to share with you and encourage you all we can. God bless you and keep His hand on your shoulder every step of the way.

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      • KennG says:

        I want you to know that I am a firm believer that God will never close a door without opening a window. Sometimes, you fail to see it because things, people, circumstances, or convictions darken your path. But your faith will get you to it if you slow down, take a breath, and listen…….you WILL get an answer. Might not be the one you want to hear right then….so let it sink in and act accordingly. Help comes in the strangest ways from people you never expected. Ask me to tell you about the day I decided to end it……and why I am still Here.

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      • sounds like quite a story!


  2. Patty Magno says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom!!

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