Breaking Through the Darkness


In my living room is a large picture window.  In the morning during the late fall and winter months, the sun shines brightly through this window and heats up the area in front of it.  That is my favorite place to prayer and do my devotions during this time of year.  One reason is because it is warm and my house is generally a little on the chilly side.  The other reason I love it is because when I close my eyes and face out towards the sun, I can feel the warmth penetrate through my whole body.  Not just physically but spiritually…lighting up the darkness. I always feel this extra closeness to God as I kneel quietly in that spot.

Often, I like to have worship music playing in the background as I pray.  It helps to keep my mind more focused and stops me from thinking about all I have to do that day.

This morning as I was sitting on the floor in this spot, listening to music and praying, the words of one of the songs really struck me.  The song is King of Heaven by Hillsong United. (you can listen by clicking the song title) The song does an amazing job of describing the birth of Jesus.  The lines that really struck me this morning were :

In our silence
Heaven whispered out
In our darkness
Glory pierced the night
We were broken
But now we’re lifted up
King of heaven
God is here with us
Those lines just said so much to me as I sat there praying.  So many times, things are going on in our life, things that make us feel surrounded by darkness, things that make us feel broken, things that frankly are really tough. But the truth that this song speaks, of how the birth of Jesus pierced the night that first Christmas over 2,000 years ago and brought the King of Heaven to earth to be with us, still rings true today, all these years later.  He is still doing the same thing.  He still breaks through the darkness, He still lifts us up when we are broken, He is still King of Heaven.
In darkness, in hard times, it is often easy to forget that God is in control, that Jesus is on the throne, that He is the King Of Heaven. But just as the night was tore apart and glory broke through the darkness all those years ago, He will do the same in your night, in your darkness.  The light of Jesus cuts through even the darkest night.  He is able to mend even the most broken of hearts.   And He can lift us out of the deepest, darkest pit.
Whatever you are facing as this Holiday season approaches, turn to the King of Heaven, look to Him, sit in His presence and know that He will break through the darkness.
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