Never Grow Too Old to Play Like a Kid…


Yesterday was a snow day for my kids.  And although I still had to work, once we got home, my boys and I went outside for some fun. Where we live, it is usually snowy all winter long, but this year, for some reason, the weather decided to throw us a curve ball and we had virtually no snow all winter long.  For a family of snowboarders(and 1 skier) this was not much fun.  But yesterday even though it has seemed that spring had sprung, winter decided to make a return and we took advantage of it.

As I was outside waiting for my boys to come out, I laid down in the snow and made a snow angel.  While I was laying there, I started to think about all the wonderful things that kids do that as an adult, I still love to do.

Making snow angels and sledding, picking dandelions and making wishes, playing hide-n-seek, jumping in leaves, skipping rocks across a still pond, laying back and watching the clouds.  I still love to do all these things.  And truth be told, I would have made that snow angel whether my boys were coming outside or not.  I just enjoy doing it.

As we get older, for some reason, something inside wants to tell us that we need to be more mature and should no longer play like a child.  But honestly, I don’t like that!  There is a happiness that comes from doing simple things like looking at the clouds.  There is a peace that comes from doing nothing more than enjoying God’s creation.

In the hustle and bustle of adult life, of responsibilities, and work, and bills, we allow ourselves to grow old and put aside the things that are considered childish. And while doing that is good in some aspects, when we do that in regards to play, we we miss out on so much.  Not only on a chance to connect with our kids, but on a chance to remember what it is like to be a kid.  To let go of all the things that we stress and worry about and for those few moments just enjoy the world that God created.  To me, this kind of play gives us a glimpse of heaven.

I vowed to myself long ago, that I would never allow myself to grow too old to play like a kid. So if life seems dull and you have lost that wonder that you see in the eyes of your children, take a few minutes and make a snow angel or lay back and watch the clouds.  Remember what it felt like to be a kid and just enjoy the moment.

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