God Chose You!



Mother’s Day weekend is upon us.  Honestly, for me, it is always a tough time.  Mainly because as most of us moms generally do, I start to look at myself and see all my failures as a mom.  I look at the ways I don’t measure up.  I look at the ways that my kids don’t act the way they should.  I think about how every other mother seems to know how to manage their kids except me.  I think about all the things I am unable to provide for my children.  Why do we do this as moms?  Why are we always comparing ourselves, always judging ourselves, always putting ourselves down?

The truth of the matter is, that as moms, we aren’t meant to be perfect!  Did you know that? We aren’t meant to have it altogether!  The truth is that if we were perfect, if we never failed, or fell down, or got frustrated, if we were everything our kids wanted and needed, they wouldn’t see their need for a savior!  When we fall down, when we make mistakes, we are showing our kids that we are human!  We are showing them that we don’t have it altogether, that we, just as they, are in great need of help, in great need of a savior!  We are showing them that we need Jesus!

God is the perfect father and the perfect mother and He doesn’t make mistakes.  When he created your kids, he chose YOU to be their mother.  He knew before they were even a thought in your head, that you were the woman to be the mother of your specific kids, with their specific needs and issues.  He didn’t choose you because you were perfect, he didn’t choose you because you would get it right all the time.  He chose you because he knew that you were the woman for the job.   He chose you because He is the sovereign God of the universe, and his plans and his” purpose will not be thwarted“.  You are a part of God’s plan, a part of His story and in that story, he made you a mom, the mother of your specific kids.  And while you might not feel up to the task and you may sometimes feel like God must have made a mistake, you can rest assured that he didn’t.  You can trust that He will lead you and guide you down the path of motherhood.  He will carry you through the tough times as a mom.  He will pick you up when you fall, He will dust you off and give you the strength to go forward when you don’t think you possibly can.

I am not a perfect mother, and I never will be, I don’t always get it right and neither will you, but one thing we can be sure of is that we are the right mom for our kids because God chose us and He doesn’t make mistakes!


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