Be Still


School is almost about to begin for my kids and I don’t know about you, but the transition from summer to back to school can be brutal.

In our house, summer is laid back.  We don’t really worry about bed times too much and we eat our meals when we feel like it without any set schedule.  Sometimes we skip lunch and just have an early dinner or we eat later…it doesn’t really matter because it is summer. This year was a little bit different because I had to work most days but we still weren’t very scheduled.

As I laid in bed the other morning, I started to feel really overwhelmed.  As I mentioned in a few other posts, this summer was a difficult one.  One of my children going through some very difficult emotional and physical issues only added to the strain.  So as I laid there in bed thinking about how school was starting and this was the first time that I would have to adjust to working in addition to getting my kids back to school and preparing the house and yard for winter, I started to panic  a bit.

How on earth am I going to do this?  How will I get everything done?  I am used to putting them on the bus and then finally having a few hours to myself to get things done, pray, and rest after a long summer.  How I am going to get through this?

As I cried out to God and did my devotion that morning.  One of the scriptures that came up was one of my favorites….

“Be still, and know that I am God;   I will be exalted among the nations,   I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

I wrote it down in my journal and thanked God for that verse popping up.  But, like normal, that wasn’t enough for me.  The next morning I awoke the same way.  Went to my devotions and what verse do you think popped up again….yep Psalm 46:10!  Ok God, I get it.  You want me to be still and remember who you are.  Then I went to look up the verse of the day that I get on my tablet…and what do you think it was?  You bet Psalm 46:10! Now I am saying OK God, as usual, you need to show me something at least 3 times before I get the hint!

The truth is that in the midst of my worry, in the midst of my fear, all God is saying to me is Be Still!  Look to me, rest in me…I have everything under control, I will help you.  In your weakness, I will make you strong. As I finished praying I was able to get up and feel better.  Now I am not going to lie and say I feel totally at ease about everything, but I know that as soon as that fear creeps in, I just need to stop and look to God, to be still and rest in him.  He has everything under control so I don’t need to get so worked up about everything.  So if you are like me and getting yourself in a state of panic about getting the kids back to school…Stop, Be Still…Know that He is God!!!


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