Riding On God’s Shoulders


This morning as I was doing one of my devotional, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, a verse came up that isn’t probably one that you read often.  It is found in Deuteronomy 33.  In this chapter we read about the blessings that Moses  pronounced on the tribes of Israel prior to his death. In vs. 12 is his blessing to the tribe of Benjamin and it reads:

“Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him,
    for he shields him all day long,
    and the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders.”

As I read this my eyes immediately went to the word rest.  Lately, I have been a bit tired for some reason, most likely because this is the first summer in over 11 years that I have worked outside the home.  My kids, who are used to staying up late and not having to get up early, are still wanting to stay up late watching movies as we usually do.  I have quickly found that at 44yrs old, I can not stay up till midnight every night and get up at 6 or so to get ready for work!   But regardless, reading about rest, sure sounded good to me.  I highlighted those words in my bible and thanked God for the rest that only he can bring.

However, when I went to my journal and re-wrote the verse, I realized God wanted to show me something else from this verse.  As I rewrote the end of the verse about resting between his shoulders God gave me a clear picture of a young child sitting on their fathers shoulders.   I started to think about that further.  I am sure you may remember a time when either you were young or as a parent when your kids were young and their father picked them up and placed them on his shoulders.  I started thinking about why?

Well the first reason that came to mind was exhaustion.  Kids have little legs, and little legs trying to keep up with big legs get tired quickly.  It isn’t much different for us.  When we rush around trying to keep up with the things of this world and don’t stop to get the rest we need, we get tired.  I felt like God was saying,….”you’re tired, let me pick you up and put you on my shoulders.”

The second reason that came to mind was a better view.  Maybe at a show at the zoo or  an outdoor concert where many people are gathered around and dad picks up his small child and puts him up on his shoulders so that he/she can see the show.  Now I don’t know about you, but many times things in life block my view.  My problems pile up around me and I can’t see the way forward.  I also felt God saying…”let me carry you on my shoulders so you can see the path that I have laid out for you”

The third thing God reminded me of in this verse was that He is Father.  That is always a great reminder to a single-mom who is having to be both mother and father to her children as well as to a woman whose father left when she was a child and has had little “father” help since.

As I finished writing all this down in my journal, I was amazed at how, when we take the time to meditate on even just one verse, God shows up in an amazing way and expounds to us the truth we so desperately need to hear.

So today, maybe you are tired and weary.  Maybe all you can see in front of you is the problems and circumstances of your life.  Cry out to your Father, just like a child who would cry out saying  “daddy, put me on your shoulders” and then let Him pick you up and put you on his shoulders.  Let Him carry you a while and give you a clear view of the path he has for you. Today, ride on God’s shoulders.

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2 Responses to Riding On God’s Shoulders

  1. Linda says:

    Wonderful…gave me revelation of heart.


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