In the Valley

mt top

Posting something a little different today.  Often I like to write poems that express either something I am feeling or going through…this is one I wrote a bit ago.  I thought I would share it.  We all love the mountain top experiences with God, but the truth is, it is in the valleys that we truly grow.

I met God on a mountain top
The height of which I knew not
The peaks soared above the ground
The wind that blew, the only sound

The view was beauty beyond compare
Breath-taking vistas; I could only stare
Speechless, I stood upon that peak
So overwhelmed, I could not speak

Yet more overwhelming than this awe-striking view
Was God’s presence beside, fresh and new
As peace bubbled up, dispelling my fears
My eyes welled up with joyful tears

I asked God if I could stay
Upon this peak all my days
He turned to me with a sympathetic smile
And said ‘I’m sorry, I must say no, my child’

I questioned Him to no avail
My begging and whining would not prevail
He simply looked down at that mountain of rock
And said, ‘My child, nothing grows on a mountain top’

‘Down in the valley you must go
For only there will you learn and grow
Going through the valley is the only way
On the mountains you can’t yet stay

I cried and pleaded,
‘But I won’t survive
I can’t make it through
if you’re not at my side’

‘My child, my child
Peace, Be Still!
Even in the valley
I am with you still’

‘Never will I leave you,
I’m always by your side
I travel the road before you
And watch you from behind’

‘There is a plan and a purpose
In every step you take
My will for you accomplished
Through every step with grace’

‘So while you’re in the valley
I tell you do not fear
Reach for my hand and hold it
For I am always near’

‘I will lead you steadily
Down the path for you I’ve chose
Bringing you at last
To live with me at home’






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