Kristen Matthews: Standing in Defiance of a “Selfie” World #LadiesinDefiance

Ladies in Defiance


We see them constantly!  Although the term is fairly new, the concept behind them is as old as time.  Basically a selfie cries for attention. . . . on yourself.  It says “Hey! Look at me! Do you see me?” The focus is obvious, me, me, ME.

Now personally, I am not a fan of selfies. . . . I don’t take them, that is just my personal preference.  And please, I am not saying that just because you enjoy taking a selfie, you are selfish and self focused, but the truth is, we live in a world that encourages us to focus on ourselves.  To focus on what is good for us, what will make us happy. But there are always those that defy the times and try to focus on others even if it is at great cost to themselves.

kristen matthewsMary, the mother of Jesus, was just such…

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