Trust God More

The other morning I woke up around 4:00 am. This seems to be happening more and more lately. As I laid there in my bed, I tried to go back to sleep, but as usual my mind started to go to a million different things. Worry began to set in and overwhelm me. My mind went from one thing to the next and when it settled on one problem I started thinking through all the ways I could solve it in my head. We all are feeling the pinch of the economy right now and with winter looming I know I am not the only person worried about the price of heating oil and how to even think of affording heating. I started going over idea after idea, can I buy everyone a space heater, can I try to use my fireplace more and get more wood, should I get a 2nd job. what can I eliminate etc etc etc..on and on for the next hour I went over and over how I could work to solve the problem, finally I was tired and anxious and I just put on some worship music, and started to pray to try and go back to sleep. As the music began to play and I started to pray what came to my mind was…Work harder is NOT the answer, Trust God More is! I got out my pen and quickly wrote this in big letters in my journal.

I shared this with my friends and sisters and over the next few days, we each began to post things about how God was showing us this truth. When times get tough, far too often my first response is how can I fix this? Maybe you’re like that too. I will go over and over solutions and have atleast 3 things in my mind that I will be able to do in any given situation. Too many times, I do this for things that have not even happened yet! (like worrying about heating oil this winter when we are in the middle of summer).

Every time I do this and God reminds me of Who He Is, I say why am I worrying about this?! God has taken care of me and my kids over the past 9 years better than I ever could myself. He has taken care of the big things and the small things. He has often shown up in miraculous ways that seem too incredible to believe. God WILL continue to take care of us.

One of my friends posted this in our group chat:

“…I am the Lord All-powerful. so don’t depend on your own power or strength, but on My Spirit.” Zechariah 4:6 CEV

The answer to my problems, the answer to your problems is the same, it isn’t about what we can do to solve our own problems or how we can work harder to find a solution, it is about learning to trust God more and more with each day and allow Him to lead and guide us. He knows what we need and He already knows what to do. We just need to run to Him and trust Him more.

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1 Response to Trust God More

  1. Cathleen Kloczkowski says:

    This is totally me, I wake in almost a panic wondering what can I do to fix this. As I lay in bed the situation seems to expand and get bigger. It’s when all of a sudden. I hear”just breathe”. I try to refocus on God and what his words and promises say.


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